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10‑11‑2017 Didi Groenhoff 2 min.

Challenges on how to get what you want

Speaking to users is a challenge. Have you ever had the feeling that the world of software and the ‘real world’ of the user were miles apart? You just couldn’t make a connection, or it seemed like you and your users were using different vocabularies? Or maybe the users you were talking to didn’t fully trust you to put their time, energy and input to the best use, and felt they would never see any of their issues resolved? Most likely you did not walk away with the results you had wished for. This kind of atmosphere can not only lead to meagre or no results but also harm the relationship with our users and clients.

At Moxio we decided we wanted to change this. We created our own creative sessions: conversations with users in which one of the primary goals is to maintain a relaxed, positive and productive atmosphere for all participants. Here’s how we did it.


When we started doing creative sessions we were aware of the challenges ahead, and looking for a different way to go about communication with users. We aimed for a positive interaction, from which all participants would walk away feeling the time and energy they had put in had been a useful investment in an improved application and a good relationship.

We considered these our biggest challenges.

  • Create and maintain a positive vibe, leading to a constructive session
  • Show users that their input is valuable to us, and create the trust that their input will lead to better software
  • Create a common ground / mutual vocabulary, make sure we understand each other
  • Keep the discussion on the subject we wish to address and learn about, so we can go in depth on a subject…
  • While making sure to offer users space to address any possible issues they have (and that we might not be aware of)
  • Make sure the subject we want to discuss is approached in full, from many different angles, avoiding tunnel vision.
  • Connect to users on the long term, make sure they will be willing to give us feedback in the future

Step by step we picked up these challenges, and formed an approach to setting up and executing our creative sessions.

Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Read how we approach our Creative Sessions in our follow up blogs. To be published soon!

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